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this month is always hard for me. infact spring in general is a pretty tough time. it's the anniversary of several things, none of them played out the way i'd hoped.
so i am very sorry if i seem distant and a bit weepy for the next couple of weeks, i am sure as time goes on it will become easier, a few things already don't cause as much pain as they did last year, or the year before. *sigh* i am such a sensitive soul.

in other news, the Beast is back from his hols which makes me, and the kitties, very happy. but he's off again on sunday to ol' london town for a work thang, BUT one of my colleagues/friends is coming to stay at mine as her other half has to go to the same conference as Beast. So we're planning a few nights of epic yumminess, BBQs, curry and cookies, also much moooovie watchage and girly times. Should be funs.

Also big congrats to Tania and K who've finally got it sorted and are moving into a shiny new house soon, so proud of you guys, you rock all of my socks!

Looking forward to seeing those of you that'll be at Tasha's lil' party on saturday. Please to be bringing meads for the sacrifice to the River Gods.
BTW I are River God's official priesty, deliver meads unto me kthx?!